1. What is an interesting fact about you that you would like to share with the voters?
I have a huge family; I am one of eight kids. I am also an ordained minister for officiating weddings.

2. What interests you about a board position with NAWIC?
I am interested in a board position with NAWIC because it is such a great learning opportunity. I have learned so much being on the board this past year. I am eager to continue learning and strengthening the connections I have made through NAWIC.

3. What do you feel you could bring personally to NAWIC as a board member?
As a board member, I can bring a lot to the table for our Social Media presence. This past year I have worked hard to have our chapter be more visible on all platforms. I also am good at and enjoy making our invitations and other collateral we may need for events and fundraisers. I hope to continue to help grow our social media presence and our meeting attendance as well.