1. What is an interesting fact about you that you would like to share with the voters?
An interesting fact about me would be that I have a super friendly 4-year-old bulldog named Geo who comes to the Tactical office with me sometimes! 

2. What interests you about a board position with NAWIC?
I am interested in holding a NAWIC board position because I am passionate about supporting women in their career endeavors and becoming more involved with NAWIC will allow me to make more connections to be in a position where I can impact and support women in the construction industry! 

3. What do you feel you could bring personally to NAWIC as a board member?
As a board member I would bring my passion, positive attitude, and organization skills. Additionally, I have a solid background in office and Human Resource functions so I can provide guidance and support to our members in those areas. I am mission oriented and enjoy working with a team towards a common goal, so I think it would be awesome to work together in the coming year to continue to support NAWIC members and grow the NAWIC presence in Rochester.