1. What is an interesting fact about you that you would like to share with the voters?
I love a great DIY project and can be often found at home on the weekends doing some sort of project or supporting local breweries within Rochester and surrounding cities. My husband and I have been to over 100+ breweries along the East Coast and Colorado.

2. What interests you about a board position with NAWIC?
This will be my second time running for chapter President. There have been many great women before me who have successfully held this position, and I hope to be viewed as one of them. I look forward to continuing the assistance with the growth of our chapter memberships and experiences that our
current members receive. I think we can all agree that COVIV-19 was not something any of us expected but as a group I am proud to say we made it through the thick of it. I look forward to empowering women and hopefully helping the younger generation consider construction as a career opportunity.

3. What do you feel you could bring personally to NAWIC as a board member?
EXPERIENCE! Throughout my career I have had many successes and many failures. The failures are where I learned the most in life and my career, it is part of growing. I feel that being on the board, I would be able to give my perspective to other woman in the industry who may have questioned their abilities or their belonging in this field. I think it is something that we women in this male cultureoften feel and I would like women to know that its normal to feel that way but that they too belong here.