Chapter Memberships

Below are the various membership types offered:

Shall be open to women who are actively employed in the construction industry a minimum of an average of twenty (20) hours per week per month. Employment is defined as receiving compensation for service in an approved employment category and in which the majority of her job responsibility, in that approved employment category, is construction related. Each eligible Active Chapter Member shall be entitled to vote and to hold office and shall be a member of National and an affiliated Chapter.
This is a transferable membership. This membership is open to companies that wish to designate a woman employee, who would otherwise meet the criteria for Active Membership, to represent the company. The company must buy one corporate chapter membership for each representative. Each eligible Corporate Member shall be entitled to vote.
Shall be open to women who do not qualify for active membership. Associate members shall have no vote and are not eligible to hold office. Associate Members shall be a member of National and an affiliated Chapter. They may serve on Chapter appointed committees.
Shall be open to women students enrolled in construction-related programs at institutions of higher education, vocational training programs and apprenticeship programs. Student Membership is non-transferable, and Student Members shall have no vote nor hold office.
Shall be open to women who are retired and are at least 62 years of age. Retired members do not qualify for Active Membership, do not have to be members of a chapter and will be a member of National. Retired members shall have no vote and are not eligible to hold office but may serve on Chapter appointed committees.

Shall be open to women meeting all the criteria for Active Member but not belonging to an affiliated Chapter of the Association. Member at Large shall be entitled to participate in all of the activities of the region in which they reside. Member at Large shall be entitled to vote at the Annual Conference of the Association and vote on all matters on a regional level in which they reside. Member at Large cannot hold office or serve on the NAWIC Board of Directors. 

Membership Benefits

For more than 55 years, NAWIC has helped women take advantage of the opportunities in construction. Whether you want to embark on a new career, establish a networking base, be a mentor/mentee, make a difference in your community, continue your education, or invest in great friendships, NAWIC offers a variety of opportunities — large and small.

NAWIC members, business owners and managers can expect value from their investment in NAWIC. NAWIC membership affords many opportunities.

A membership in the Rochester Chapter INCLUDES the cost of all educational events such as lectures and job site tours. Monthly dinners and events such as our yearly scholarship fundraiser do require small additional cost for attendance.

Monthly dinners paid in full for the year do offer a discounted rate, in addition to corporate memberships for multiple members.

The Rochester Chapter is a very diverse group of women coming from a variety of areas with in the industry such as; architectural, general contracting, material suppliers, engineers, layers, accountants, insurance and more. At each chapter meeting we provide great networking opportunities to enhance each persons knowledge and networking with in the industry. In addition to our monthly chapter meetings we provide biannual regional meetings to continue one’s education with in the industry and generate additional relationships geographically.

The estimated value of NAWIC membership

$1,200 – Industry-specific technical training
$1,500 – Business, management and marketing training
$500 – Legislative updates
$600 – Legal updates
$600 – Networking value at regional conferences
$500 – Mentoring opportunities
$200 – Product knowledge gained at meetings
$200 – Company credibility from association with NAWIC
$200 – Publicity and exposure through participation
$5,500 – Potential total dollar value
$420-520 – is the actual annual cost of being a NAWIC member. (National dues, Chapter dues and 1-2 regional conferences per year)

Ready to Join NAWIC?